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Triumph T160 Trident Troubles

By Keith Fellenstein

A reader’s 1975 Triumph T160 dies as soon as it hits third gear.

Project 1970 Honda CB350 — Part VIII

By Richard Backus

It's time for the big reveal: Our 1970 Honda CB350 is finally done!

Project 1970 Honda CB350 — Part VII

By Richard Backus

We're almost there: Just a few more parts and our 1970 Honda CB350 will be ready to roll.

Chain and Sprocket Orientation

By Keith Fellenstein

A reader asks Keith Fellenstein why a motorcycle chain almost never runs centered over the sprockets.


Project 1970 Honda CB350 — Part V

By Richard Backus

Our wheels are back and tires are mounted. Engine cleaning is no fun, but our 1970 Honda CB350 is starting to come back together.

Project 1970 Honda CB350 — Part III

By Richard Backus

The frame’s ready and the broken engine mount is fixed, but there’s still a lot to be done on our 1970 Honda CB350.

Project 1970 Honda CB350 — Part II

By Richard Backus

Good news: Our project 1970 Honda CB350 runs! But there's still plenty of work to do, including rebuilding the forks and the rear suspension.

Project 1970 Honda CB350

By Richard Backus

Join us on our newest project as we take stock of a badly neglected, but still salvageable, 1970 Honda CB350.