1928 New Hudson Model 88 ee

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  New Hudson Model 88 ee 2 

1928 New Hudson Model 88 ee

Manufactured in England, the first New Hudson cycle (ca 1903) were Minerva-engined bicycles. Switching to J.A.P. engine in 1910, New Hudson developed their own 499cc side-valve single cylinder engine starting in 1911. OHV models were manufactured in the 1920s. New Hudson had the benefit of two of the leading designers and riders of the time — Fred Hutton and Herbert Le Vack (who designed the legendary J.A.P. speedway engine).

1928 New Hudson 1 

The New Hudson was classed as the best sports tourer of the period. A few quotes from Motorcycle magazine road test in 1928: "Power and refinement, impressive appearance, engine a revelation, mechanical silence outstanding; 70mph cruising, powerful breaks." During 1927, this model with the same engine, forks, frame and gearbox gained 10 world records and a Brooklands Championship at 101.43 mph! It took second in the 500cc class Isle of Man TT. Racer Hugh Anderson, who fully restored this motorcycle, claimed "if Brough Superior was the Rolls Royce (of motorcycles), then New Hudson was the Daimer of motorcycles." This engienw as designed by Herbert Le Vack.