Vintage Motorcycle Racer Sarah Lahalih

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

Vintage motorcycle racer Sarah Lahalih was the first female ever to compete in the Thruxton Cup.

No Survivors: 1909 Torpedo V4

By Phillip Tooth

Only one semi-radial inline V4 Torpedo racer was built, and it was lost to history long ago. But thanks to a Czech enthusiast who created this replica, we can hear it roar into life again.

Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame Recognizes Greg Williams

By Richard Backus, with information from

Motorcycle Classics regular contributor Greg Williams to be honored at Edmonton ceremony.

The Rotary Wankel Engine

By Robert Smith

Looking at how a rotary Wankel engine works.


Cut That Out!

By “Blue” Mike Peterson/Chetek, Wisconsin

“Blue” Mike Peterson fears Motorcycle Classics is keeping an eye on him and his restoration projects.

Vintage Racing: In Praise of Racers

By Richard Backus

Vintage racing improves the breed, and the racers deserve to be praised.

Vintage Motorcycle Racer Will Brint

By Motorcycle Classics staff

Vintage motorcycle racer Will Brint started big with a 1979 Honda CBX.

Alan Cathcart’s Motorcycle Files Now Available as E-Books

By Motorcycle Classics staff

Motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart’s The Motorcycle Files are now available as e-books on Amazon.