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Ben Schenk's 1966 Kawasaki 85 J1TR

By Ben Schenk

A reader shares his Kawasaki 85 J1TR, which he is restoring.

Rick Campbell's 1989 Honda Hawk GT

By Rick Campbell

A reader shares his Honda Hawk NT650 GT and his opinion on styling on older Honda bikes.

The Future Motorcycle: 1985 Honda Nighthawk 650

By Margie Siegel

The Honda Nighthawk was bombproof, easy to ride and is worth a look over 30 years later.

Joe Carrillo's 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

By Joe Carrillo

A reader shares his Suzuki RG500 Gamma, which he sold to a customer back in 1986.


More Than a Pet Project: 1964 Kawasaki M5 Pet

By Dain Gingerelli

This humble little 49cc Kawasaki Pet is one of the earliest all-Kawasaki motorcycles in the U.S.

Home Market Honda: 1958 Honda JC58 Benly

By Greg Williams

Never officially sold in the U.S., this 1958 Honda Benly has been restored by Charlie O’Hanlon.

4-Stroke Fun: 1977-1982 Yamaha XS400

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

Comparing the Yamaha XS400 with its primary rivals, the Suzuki GS400 and Kawasaki KZ400.

Randy Trom’s Yamaha Twin Jet 100 and Trailmaster 100

By Randy Trom

A reader shares his Yamaha Twin Jet 100 and Trailmaster 100 as possible alternative contenders to the Honda S90.