Little Motorcycle: 1966 Honda Dream

| 2/13/2014 11:40:00 AM

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I just received my January/February 2014 issue and read 1966 Honda DreamGreg Williams’ excellent article Honda Dream CA77 about Jim Jebavy’s 1966 Honda Dream. I am moved to send along pictures of my Dream named Woodstock, also a 1966 but with a sidecar. This little motorcycle is definitely the keeper of my fleet when all is over with my motorcycle riding days.

I could never have a motorcycle while living at home when I was young, but since my junior year of university (1970-1971) I’ve always had a motorcycle at the ready. Thanks to Greg for writing about Jim’s Dream. His article gave me much enjoyment and I get to re-read it (a bonus) and also to enjoy Jeff Barger’s excellent photos. — Pete Dopson/Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

2/21/2014 10:22:48 AM

Still the Honda is a well sort after motorcycle even after all these years. I stared in the motorcycle trade in 1964 trainee machine for the first 3 month I was tea and cake boy and sweep up Honda was delivered by a large lorry it was a all hands on thing the crates were man handled off the back of the lorry on to an old mattress the bikes were in wooden crates I remember seeing my first Yamaha 250 pre-auto lube petrol and oil mix in to the tank. the good old days

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