Triumph Bonneville Bobber Build, Part 3

The Motorcycle Classics and Dairyland Cycle Insurance Custom Triumph Bonneville Build is finished!

| September/October 2010

We’re not professional bike builders, and we don’t claim to be. But we’ve sure had some fun building this custom Triumph.

Since day one of this magazine, editor Backus had been itching to do a full-blown motorcycle restoration project. Our Project Café Honda CB500 was the first realization of that dream — but where to go from there?

We brainstormed. We planned. And then we got an offer to use a bone-stock, brand new 2010 Triumph Bonneville for a build. As much as we love restoring old motorcycles bikes, this presented a unique opportunity for a project any of our readers could do. It’s not hard to find a new Bonnie — as long as you’ve got the dough — and most of the changes we made here are simple bolt-ons. The rest, mainly the paint and the building of the custom seat, were projects we handed off to local businesses right here in our town.

Bobber build-up

In our last installment we highlighted the lowered rear suspension, the lower drag bars, the upgraded D&D Performance exhaust, the gobs of trick dress-up pieces from Joker Machine and the custom instrument bracket from D9 Brackets.

We also bragged about the cool new paint job, and then we didn’t really show it to you. Well friends, here it is in all its yellow and black glory, a scheme designed and applied by Travis Charbonneau at TC Concepts in Topeka, Kan.

A gorgeous yellow/gold first used by Triumph in 1964 and updated in the last 10 years as “Scorched Yellow,” it’s a shade now used on Triumph’s modern Daytona 675 sport bike. The yellow/gold is offset with gloss black and flat black stripes, and as the new design is symmetrical, Travis moved the fuel filler neck from its stock offset position on the right of the tank to the center. The welding work is perfect, and you’d never know it hadn’t come that way from the factory.

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