Honda Dream CA77

All dressed up in angular sheet metal, the 305cc Honda Dream is instantly recognizable as a machine of the 1960s.

| January/February 2014

Claimed power: 23hp @ 7,500rpm
Engine: 305cc air-cooled OHC parallel twin, 60mm x 54mm bore and stroke
Top Speed: 86mph
Weight (dry): 350lb (159kg)
Fuel capacity/MPG: 2.5gal (9.5ltr)/50-70mpg
Price then/now: $595/$1,500-$4,000

All dressed up in angular sheet metal, the Honda Dream is instantly recognizable as a machine of the 1960s. Those sartorial straight lines and sharp creases of the Dream are also instantly polarizing — eliciting a love it or loathe it kind of reaction.

Regardless of how you feel about the blocky and chunky machine, for many who came of age in the era of the Dream the model brings back happy memories. Take Jim Jebavy of New Berlin, Wis. In 1966 he was a high school senior in the town of Two Rivers on Lake Michigan, and several of his friends had motorcycles. Many owned Dreams, and Jim remembers cadging rides aboard the 305cc Hondas. At the time he had never owned a motorcycle, having instead invested in a car. Come winter, he was the popular man with his friends.

6/21/2018 8:52:46 AM

Hops dog, 1967 was the last year Honda manufactured any of the 305s, the Dreams (CA77), Super Hawks (CB77), and Scramblers (CL77). Back in those days, a bike was usually titled the year it was sold, so there are 305s titled in '68 and '69 out there.

6/20/2018 5:12:16 PM

I just picked up a 1969 Dream 305. It is running and in pretty good shape for being 49years old. I am looking to get a copy of the manual.

4/17/2018 2:41:55 PM

Hi, I found a 1966 150cc "little dream"in an old barn. The only thing I had to do was clean and re-line the inside of the tank ! That bike like the 305 but just smaller.I drove great and the ride was like a dyna-glide. I sold it but wish I hadn't now because I have 3 bikes since then and none ever rode as smooth as that one !

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