Stuart Garner, the New Face of Norton Motorcycles

Legendary brand is back - almost

| September/October 2009

It’s only been a few years since Kenny Dreer’s dream of relaunching Norton fell to earth. Despite attracting huge interest and praise, the move from prototype to production took more resources than Dreer and company could muster, and the venture folded before any production bikes were built.

But now, less than three years later, the Norton name is back in the U.K., this time under the sole ownership of a British businessman with passion for Norton motorcycles, Stuart Garner.

The new face of Norton
Garner secured the Dreer prototypes and rights to the Norton name in October 2008, and since then he’s been busily tying up lose ends in other countries, making sure he’ll have total ownership of all aspects of a brand that had been gradually split up over the past three decades.

Various projects surfaced over the intervening years, but with the exception of Dreer’s attempt, they were little more than high profile PR stunts, rather than earnest rebirths of a once proud racing brand.

This time, it’s serious. Garner has purchased two factories in Donington Park, one of the most historic racing circuits in the U.K. and current home to the MotoGP. He’s moved into one, while the second, a 15,000-square-foot facility, is being prepared.

A local man, Garner was born and bred within earshot of howling race engines circulating Donington. A successful entrepreneur, his extensive and diverse business interests have left him “comfortable,” but still interested in a challenge, and with a healthy interest in turning things around. Including, it seems, motorcycle brands.

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