Race to Rebuild: Triumph Bonneville Bobber

By Richard Backus

In 2010, the staff of Motorcycle Classics decided to turn a new Triumph Bonneville into a bobber. Bobbed fenders, minimalist decoration and lots of self-made parts define a bobber, but the beauty of bobbers is their individuality from their builder. Check out what we did to ours. For the whole story, read Triumph Bonneville Bobber Build.

Triumph Bonneville Build, Part 1

Motorcycle Classics editor-in-chief Richard Backus and advertising director Rod Peterson begin stripping a new Triumph Bonneville in preparation for customization as a bobber. 

Triumph Bonneville Build, Part 2

Motorcycle Classics editor-in-chief Richard Backus and son Charlie show off and start up the new Triumph Bonneville that MC editors Backus and Landon Hall have customized as a bobber.