Special Order Racer: 1965 Harley-Davidson XLRTT

Bill Sherman reunites with his old Harley-Davidson XLRTT after more than 30 years.

| November/December 2015

1965 Harley-Davidson XLRTT
Top speed:
115mph (observed, 1/4-mile)
883cc air-cooled OHV 45-degree V-twin, 3.005in x 3.8125in bore and stroke, 82hp @ 7,500rpm (est.)
Weight (dry):
350lb (159kg)
Price then/now:

The clutch lever is pulled tight to the handlebar and the throttle opened. Both eyes are on the lights as they blink from amber through to green. 

Dumping the clutch, Bill Sherman launches his Harley-Davidson XLRTT down the straight asphalt track. He uses the clutch once more for the shift to second, and then only feathers the kill switch and nudges the shifter to move into third and finally fourth gear.

Following the same drill every time he drag raced with his XLRTT, Bill was undefeated in 1965. He set two track records, even winning the Rockford 500 Nationals on the July 4th long weekend with a quarter-mile elapsed time of 12.10 seconds at 109.74mph. According to Bill, who now lives on a farm near Peru, Illinois, the XLRTT was simply a firecracker, a factory hot rod and an unbeatable competition motorcycle — especially on the drag strip.

The competition

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