Road Tested Motorcycle Riding Gear

| 7/3/2014 1:58:00 PM

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Competition Accessories Sliders 4.0 Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Sliders 4.0
A street cut gives the Sliders 4.0 from Competition Accessories a relaxed look on the bike or off.

One of the greatest developments in motorcycle riding gear has been the use of Kevlar. While I’ve always been something of a traditionalist, favoring leather over textiles, there are unquestionable benefits to technology. A “miracle” synthetic fiber that’s found its way into just about every imaginable product, Kevlar is incredibly strong, with superior abrasion and temperature resistance. It’s also light and breathable, making it perfect for abrasion protection in riding jackets and pants.

Sliders 4.0
The Sliders 4.0 fit well on the bike, providing full coverage for proper protection.

A great advantage to Kevlar-lined riding gear is that it doesn’t have to look like riding gear. The Sliders 4.0 Motorcycle Riding Jeans from Competition Accessories are a perfect example. Cut like your favorite pair of street jeans, the Sliders 4.0 pants are relaxed and understated. In fact, outside of a discreet “Kevlar” tag stitched into the right rear pocket seam there’s nothing to clue you about their intended use.

Sliders 4.0
The Sliders 4.0 pant’s street cut pairs nicely with traditional riding gear like Vanson’s AR3 leather jacket.

The design and fit of the Sliders 4.0 is impressive. Unlike some Kevlar gear we’ve seen, the Sliders 4.0 pants feature generous Kevlar panels. The front panels run down both legs from the inseam to well below the knees, while the rear panels run across the wearer’s bottom from side to side and from the waist to well below the inseam to fully cover your bottom, with side panels running down the sides of the legs to below the knees. The front is mesh lined, improving wearer comfort by providing better airflow, and there are adjustable pockets for optional CE-approved knee armor. The 13.5 ounce denim is heavy duty but surprisingly soft, and the fit is excellent.

Sliders 4.0
Front panels are generously sized and covered with a comfortable mesh fabric.