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Honda CB750 Shocks by EMGO


Vintage motorcycle parts supplier EMGO has announced new replacement shock absorbers for vintage Honda CB750s. Bolt-on replacements for the originals, the EMGO shocks are available with the upper shroud as used on 1969-1976 CB750s or unshrouded as used on 1977-1978 CB750s. Faithful reproductions of the originals, they're also better in every way with superior damping and rebound control. Suggested retail: $123.75 (unshrouded) /$132.30 (shrouded).

Vintage Motorcycle Mechanic Toolbox by Busted Knuckle Garage


OK, so Busted Knuckle Garage is known more for cars than bikes, but we think the Busted Knuckle Garage Vintage Motorcycle Mechanic Toolbox is pretty cool. Featuring all-steel construction, the 16-inch toolbox is powder coated for durability, and the nickel-plated steel latch and hinge mean you don't have to worry about it springing open when you toss it into the back of the race van. $49.95.

Cable Luber V3 by Motion Pro

motion pro

Motion Pro has introduced a new cable lubing tool. Most cable lube tools slip around the cable and are then clamped shut to make a seal, with spray lube fed through a small hole via the spray wand. They work OK, but they're also pretty messy as they don't usually seal well, particularly after lots of use. The Cable Luber V3 seals completely around the cable and housing and over spinning end fittings for a superior seal and less mess, which also means less wasted lube. $19.99.

Peter Starr Takes it to the Limit for Charity

peter starr

In 1980, motorcycle filmmaker Peter Starr produced his seminal work, Take it to the Limit. A close, in-depth look at professional motorcycle racing and the riders who were making motion history, the critically acclaimed film featured the greats of the time, from Mike Hailwood blitzing the Isle of Man Mountain Course on a Yamaha TZ750 to Russ Collins charging down the strip trying to break 200mph on his 600 horsepower drag bike, The Sorcerer. That movie, and the 40-plus other motorcycle films Starr made during his career, formed the foundation of his 2009 book and semi-autobiography, Taking it to the Limit — 20 Years of Making Motorcycle Movies.

Fourteen years ago, Starr, now 75, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, an experience that led to his founding the Healing Arts Education Foundation, a 501c3 charity focused on educating prostate cancer sufferers about alternative therapy treatment. The charity is a driving force in Starr's life, and keeping it running requires constant fundraising. To that end, Starr is making 11 copies of a special leather bound edition of Taking it to the Limit — 20 Years of Making Motorcycle Movies available to the first 11 people who make a $1,000 tax-deductible donation to the Healing Arts Education Foundation. Only 25 were printed, each copy personally autographed by many of the top riders featured in the book, including greats like Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, Freddie Spencer, Bubba Shobert, Jay Springsteen, Malcolm Smith and many more. To donate, contact Peter Starr.

LaRyder Riding Boots by MotoBailey


MotoBailey is a relative newcomer to the world of motorcycle apparel, but their stylish, motorcycle-dedicated riding boots are generating attention for the Texas-based company. And while not the first in a growing category of retro-inspired motorcycle street boots, they might just be the best looking.

The brainchild of husband and wife team — and avid motorcyclists — Blake and Jennifer Bailey, MotoBailey boots are designed to provide protection and durability in a style befitting non-motorcycle moments like work and eating out.

Rising just above the ankle, the cut of the LaRyder boots I tried reminds me of the classic Clarks Desert Boots I used to wear, and the French leather, dyed a rich brown, is beautiful.

Importantly, there's a lot more to MotoBailey boots than just good looks, because these really are boots made for riding. An extra leather wrap over both toes provides a shift pad whether your ride is old school European or new school Japanese. Boosting their protective capacity, they feature extra ankle protection and a heel cap sewn under their biggest safety feature, a Kevlar lining running around the entire boot.

Just as important, they're also comfortable. I wore mine around the office for a week to break them in, and as the leather flexed and stretched they transitioned from stiff to comfy. On the bike, they're everything you'd expect out of a good boot, and they definitely fulfill their mission; a safe, solid, good-looking riding boot you can wear to work or to the pub without feeling like ATGATT man. Every person who sees them says something to the effect of, "Wow, those are awesome-looking shoes!"

That they are, and I won't be surprised if they become one of my favorite pieces of urban riding gear. Also available is the similarly styled but darker and more formal-looking ElBulli. $220.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Arrives in North America

Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Himalayan motorcycle is officially stateside. Royal Enfield North America launched the highly anticipated motorcycle through a week’s worth of events at TexPlex Park in Midlothian, Texas. Enthusiasts, journalists, dealers and more gathered to learn about the journey of bringing the Himalayan to North America and to test its capabilities in both on-road and off-road environments.

Check out photos from the event.


An incredible adventure motorcycle at $4,499

The rugged, go-anywhere, rider-friendly Himalayan has launched in the U.S. and will soon be rolling out at dealerships across North America.

Accessible, purpose-built for adventure, affordable and — most important — an incredibly fun ride, the Himalayan will be available in two beautiful colors — Granite and Snow. And a full range of accessories are available, including aluminum panniers, engine guards and aluminum cross-braced handlebars, with more available soon.

Royal Enfield Himalayans in a showroomThe Himalayan is a 410 cc, adventure-ready middleweight, and this beauty will open the world up to experienced and new riders alike — anyone interested both in tooling around town, hitting the trails and backroads, or taking off for serious adventure.

Check in with your nearest Royal Enfield dealer for availability, coming this spring.

G3-S Shock Absorbers by Race Tech

cool finds

If you're looking for the ultimate high-performance shock absorber for racing or that special custom, check out Race Tech's G3-S line of shocks. Available for single- and dual-shock applications, they can be ordered with remote or piggyback reservoirs. Made to order in the U.S.A, they feature Race Tech Gold Valves and more. Pricing starts at $799.99 a pair.