1972 Suzuki T500

| 2/8/2012 1:25:12 PM

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1972 Suzuki T500

1972 Suzuki T500

Country: Japan
Engine: Air-cooled parallel twin two-stroke
Power Rating: 47hp 7,000rpm
Bore x Stroke: 70 x 64mm
Displacement: 492cc
Fuel System: Two Mikuni 32mm carburetors
Transmission: Five speed
Suspension: Front telescopic forks, rear twin shocks
Brakes: Drum front and rear
Weight: 425lbs.
Top Speed: 106mph.

1972 Suzuki T500

When Suzuki introduced the 500cc 2-stroke in 1970 there were doubts that such a design could survive hard use. But the T500 was strong and reliable with a modified version being the first two-stroke to win an AMA National Road Race. This machine has been re-painted, but the chrome and hardware is all original.

1972 Suzuki T500

2/17/2018 2:37:07 AM

My mate still has his same colour as this one

5/26/2016 12:05:05 PM

Probably more significant as far as winning races ' A T500 won the 500cc class at the Isle of Man in 1970 and 1972.' - from your oun article: http://www.motorcycleclassics.com/classic-japanese-motorcycles/suzuki-t500.aspx

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