1952 DKW RT125

| 5/2/2012 1:15:38 PM

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1952 DKW RT125 1

1952 DKW RT125

Country: Germany
Engine: Air-cooled, single-cylinder, 2-stroke
Ignition: flywheel magneto
Power Rating: 5.6 bhp @4,800 rpm
Bore and Stroke: 52 x 58mm
Displacement: 123cc
Fuel System: Single Bing carbuetors
Transmission: 3-speed
Suspension: Front telescopic fork, rigid rear
Brakes: Front and rear drum
Weight: 150 lb.
Top Speed: 45mph

1952 DKW RT125 2

The classic German DKW RT (Reichstyp: "National Model") 125 has the distinction of being the most copied motorcycle in the world. The power unit, a simple single-cylinder 2-stroke, was the most advanced and efficient design at the time. At the end of WWII the blueprints were made available to the Allies, and the design soon bore such familiar names as BSA Bantam, Harley-Davidson Hummer, Maserati, Soviet Moska and Yamaha YA-1.

1952 DKW RT125 3